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          Let me first begin by admitting, not many homes have the space for two islands, but what this recently designed kitchen reveals in one space are a variety of textures and neutral colors that work together naturally, yet perhaps unexpectedly, to create a warm and inviting, and even timeless space. Park and Oak Interiors recently Read More
          Thursday January 16, 2020


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          Discover the premiere of a highly applauded new series inspired by Jane Austen's last book, the return of one of the longest running series produced by Netflix, books to tickle your creativity, train your wine palette and offer guidance on how to raise a good human, and so much more. Oh! And I cannot forget... Read More
          Friday January 10, 2020
          Decorating a home with a British touch, adding years, decades, even centuries of patina to a far younger space, is something that takes a thoughtful eye, but thirtysomething Englishman was adament he wanted his Brooklyn townhouse to evoke the nostalgia of his homeland, and with the help of Nashville-based interior designer Benjamin Vandiver, the wish... Read More
          Thursday January 09, 2020

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          During the last weekend of October, I traveled across the state to visit my parents in their country home in Wallowa County where the golden leaves were hanging one for just a few more days. The brilliance on that Friday during my weekend stay epitomized a quintessential dream of a fall day - bright sunshine,... Read More
          Tuesday November 05, 2019


          TSLL would not be what it is today without the inspiration that France and the French culture shares with the world. The fourth annual French Week took place this year and continues to be the most-visited time of year for the blog. Rest assured this annual tradition will continue in 2020, and I cannot wait... Read More
          Friday December 27, 2019
          Over the past two weeks I have been enjoying the free time to trying to begin pulling together my mood boards for the decor aesthetic I want to build and bring to life over the next year or so as I embark on a project I have been patiently waiting to have the opportunity to... Read More
          Thursday January 02, 2020
          ~La Ligne NYC Marin Sweater~~AG Harper Slim Straigh Leg Jeans, concord~~Rothy's Merino Wool Camel pointed toe flats (I have and love this particular pair - and they are washable!), visit rothys.com/simple~~Lauren Ralph Lauren Wool-Cashmere Wrap Coat, on sale (black also available), limited sizes available~~Vince Toluca Tote, black also available~~Mango Double Breasted navy wool coat, on Read More
          Tuesday January 07, 2020
          Books—The Body: A Guide for Occupants by Bill BrysonA new year and if you are like me, strong and good health is always part of my new year's resolutions. Bill Bryson's The Body book is an informative guide to teach you how the amazing machine that is our body works, how it can heal itself Read More
          Friday January 03, 2020
          On December 26, just a few days ago, TSLL celebrated its 10th anniversary. It seems impossible to have imagined all that has transpired in these 10 years, but what is even more mind-boggling is that more than 3,500 posts have been published, shared, commented upon and reveal not only my own journey, but TSLL readers' Read More
          Tuesday December 31, 2019
          In 2019 TSLL began a new tradition - posting a week-long British Celebration. And the tradition will continue into 2020 with the second annual British Week being held in May (the third full week).I have had so much fun sharing decor, lifestyle, travel and many more ideas inspired from the British way of life and Read More
          Monday December 30, 2019
          Food, stepping into the kitchen, sitting down for a delicious meal cooked by friends, family or a talented cook or chef and enjoying a meal is a truly simply luxurious experience. With each passing year, food and the enjoyment of creating and sharing and learning about it increases in my life and I so enjoy Read More
          Sunday December 29, 2019
          ~In lieu of the weekly This & That post (as I am supposed to be on my annual week-off! :)), a post of ponderings on how to end the year well, as well as an introduction to not only who I am (although, I have a feeling most TSLL readers already know :)) as well, Read More
          Saturday December 28, 2019
          I feel a bit of a novice as I begin my decorating journey with a new palette, but I must admit, I am eager to learn. Pouring through the inspiration that has been gathered here on the blog over the past 10 years has revealed an English as well as French country along with a Read More
          Saturday December 28, 2019